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Information Systems Program

Bioinformatics Support Group

The ABCC was created to provide cyber infrastructure support to the NCI/NIH scientific community. This includes various resources including computational hardware, networking connectivity, data storage and scientific applications and databases. In addition, the ABCC provides bioinformatics support through collaborations, consultations and training.

Bioinformatics support is provided across a wide area of research interests. Our current collaborative projects include microarray analysis in determining differences in cancer models, Mouse viral insertion studies to aid in recognizing new genes involved in cancer or to help determine the functionality of various oncogenes, Genome Wide Association Studies, Next Gen Sequencing studies, Development of Lab Information Management Systems for sequencing projects, Devloping a comprehensive web resource for Clostridium botulinum, Data integration and literature mining projects.

Below is a selected list of our publications from various collaborative projects showing the breadth of bioinformatics support at ABCC. (See our publications page for a complete list of all publications from ABCC personnel).

  • MouseIndieDB: a database integrating genomic indel polymorphisms that distinguish mouse strains (PMID: 19933259)
  • Large scale genotyping and genetic mapping in Plasmodium parasites (PMID: 19488413)
  • Differences in the tumor microenvironment between African-American and European-American breast cancer patients. (PMID: 19225562)
  • Genome and gene alterations by insertions and deletions in the evolution of human and chimpanzee chromosme 22 (PMID: 19171065)
  • Chromatin-associated genes protect the yeast genome from Ty1 isnertional mutagenesis (PMID: 18202368)
  • Long homopurine*homopyrimidine sequences are characteristic of genes expressed in brain and pseudoautosomal region. (PMID: 16714445)
  • Unique microRNA molecular profiles in lung cancer diagnosis and prognosis. (PMID 16530703)
  • IC50-to-Ki: a web-based tool for converting IC50 to Ki calues for inhibitors of enzyme activity and ligand binding (PMID: 19395593)
  • botXminer: mining biomedical literature with a new web-based applications (PMID: 16845112)